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Piping Systems

We have extensive experience in the design, supply, manufacture and testing of pipework across all size ranges to internationally recognised standards.  Pipework systems are built in accordance with ISO 9001 quality systems and industrial standards, utilising a vast variety of materials including:

  • Carbon steels

  • Stainless steels

  • Duplex/super duplex

  • Hastalloy

  • Aluminium

  • Inconel, monel and other cupro nickel alloys

  • Chrome Molybdenum

  • ABS, PVC, GRP, GRE, polypropylene

  • Copper

Applications may include:

  • Service and process pipework

  • Fire deluge and sprinkler systems

  • Buried pipework

  • Lined systems (PTFE, glass etc.)

  • Jacketed pipework

  • Research small scale tubing

  • Instrument tubing, low/high temperature tubing

  • High pressure/purity systems

FJN GEM hold an extensive portfolio of third party approved WPQR’s in accordance with ASME and EN standards.

All fabrications are supplied with the associated quality dossiers containing the following, typical reports/records:

  • Quality Plan

  • Weld log sheets


  • NDT records

  • Material maps

  • NDT reports

  • Pressure test certificates

  • “As Built” isometrics

  • Heat treatment records

  • Dimensional check sheets

  • Acceptance certificates

Fabrications can be provided to conform to all categories of the Pressure Equipment Regulations.

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